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Vezu For Business

Training Providers and Freelance Lecturers, you might be asking, Whats in it for me?

We realize how difficult it is to get in to the E-Learning market.  As Freelance Lecturers ourselve for over 20 years we also struggled with the same issues.  This is why we created Vezu Academy.  Up until a year ago we have only been an Online Learning Platform provider, but have subsequently broadened our scope to also provide Freelance Lecturers the opportunity to access an international market through giving them the opportunity to upload their content on our public platform and sell their courses online to an International Market.

We have two options available to you should you wish to enter the Online Content Market:

Option 1:

We can provide you with your own Private Online Portal.

  • Private

This means that you can use our Portal to Create, Upload and Sell your courses, but it will only be available on your own organisationally branded portal.  

This means that all of the courses that you create using our content creation functionalities, you mark as private.  This then only becomes available on your branded portal which means that no one else will have access to your courses accept for your clients which visit your portal.  They can access your portal either through providing your clients with a link to your portal or through your 'Online Courses' tab that is created on your website.

  • Public

Should you create and upload a course on our portal and you mark them as public, it will be available on both your private portal as well as on our public Vezu Academy Portal.  The advantage to this is that you then have two platforms to sell your courses from, and will then also benefit from our marketing efforts on all our social media and adds, and your course will then be available to an international market.

  • Content Sales

Another functionality on Vezu Academy available to you as a private online portal owner is content sales.  This means that you can now earn money from creating and selling content to other service providers. This is something that Freelance Lecturers and also training companies for that fact have not really had access to in the past.


Should you want to have your own Private Online Portal, contact william@vezuacademy.com and lets get you set up pronto!


Option 2

Registering as a Premium Instructor on Vezu Academy

Should you not wish to, or do not need your own Private Portal.  You can register on Vezu Academy free of charge as an Instructor. 

This means that you can Create, Upload and Sell your courses on the Vezu Academy Public Portal which is then instantly available to students across the world.

There is built in Social Media marketing tools available to our Public Instructors, so that you can easily market your products to your client base.

Creating and Selling courses online should not be a difficult exercise, and we at Vezu Academy understand this.  We try to make this process as easy as possible for Freelance Lecturers and Training Providers such as yourself. 

Discover, Learn, Succeed with Vezu Academy!

William H. Nell