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Training Providers Q&A

Training Providers Q & A

The content that I need to upload, in what format does this need to be? Do I need to first have to have the content design for eLearning platform, what is the format or program that will be compatible to your platform?

  • The format can either be word or pdf for upload, (preferably zipped but not required), for the document uploads like additional resource material that you would like to provide to your students for download. So if your course has a training manual or POE that needs to be completed they can download it via the portal. We do however recommend pdf format branded with your organisation copyright, to eliminate anyone from copying or 'stealing' your material. However only people that have purchased your course, have access to the material. Someone can’t just log in and start downloading, if this makes sense.
  • The system also allows for video lesson uploads per module or per section or however you would like to structure it. The system does however require that at least one video be uploaded and marked as 'Free". This is because this is what entices the students to purchase or continue with the course, and is an introduction as to what the course entails.
  • The system has a built in Quiz section, where you can also create a quiz or multiple quizzes for your students and this is in a multiple choice format.
  • You can also create Text Lessons for your Modules on the system should you not have material that you wish to have downloaded for that section.
  • As a Private Portal client you also have the additional option of Creating and Selling Content or new Training Material to other Private and Public clients, which could be an additional income stream should you wish to make use of this.


Q) What is the cost to utilise your platform, in both the options that you mentioned. Obviously it make sense to have the courses open to the public, but will have to evaluate if I want to run it from my website or just have a link to market it from my website.

Private Portal (Branded with your organisational brand and private to your clients only, accessed via link provided or via your website online courses button)

Private Portal clients have a choice when uploading their courses. They can choose to either mark it private which means it will only be available on their privately branded portal only accessible to their clients, or they can mark it as public which means it is available on both their own private portal + on Vezu Academy public portal. This gives them two platforms to sell from, private clients and international students.

We have different pricing models available to our clients depending on the size of the company in question, and also based on a sliding scale of sales in a year. We try and make it as affordable for every company as possible, and we are definitely the most affordable in the market with the best quality system.

To find out about our great packages for Private Portals please contact william@vezuacademy.com

Public Portal (courses uploaded and sold on Vezu Academy only)

This is for Freelance Lecturers and content providers who wish to only create and sell online courses on a public format.

We do not charge any registration or hosting fees for Public Portal uploads.  However, there is a 40% commission per sale which automatically gets generated on every sale.


Q) What is the enrollment and invoice process for the attendees? I often work with companies that want to enroll their staff, will the system be able to accommodate bulk enrollment and payments.

Private Portal:

The system can definitely handle mass loads of enrollments and payments. However, should you opt for a Privately Branded Portal the payment does not go through our payment gateway.  You still charge and invoice your clients as you have done before.

Should you enroll 20 students from an organization in to a class, you can charge them however you see fit and invoice them as per normal.  You will then provide each student with a Coupon Code, which you generate on the Vezu Academy system. The student simply then just signs on and enters the coupon code provided and he/she will then have immediate 100% access to that course.

You will only be charged the agreed percentage per student as per the option above you have chosen.  This is calculated on your listed course price, and billed at the end of the month for each student coupon used.

Other than this, you can change your material as you see fit, for each organization you work with.  This means should you enroll a class from e.g., CSIR you can brand your material accordingly.


Public Portal:

You can simply go to the Instructor Dashboard on the system and submit a withdrawal request.  Payments are made via our payment gateway, once it has been processed by a Vezu Administrator.  Payments are usually processed within the same day. Minimum Payout Amount is $50.  You cannot request a payout if your account balance is less than this amount.


Q) Do I sign a SLA with you, how does the agreement work between us?

Private Portal:

Yes, we sign a SLA which is included in our contract with Private Clients to ensure quality and professional conduct on both of our behalves.  This ensures that our client and Vezu Academy at all times know what to expect from each other. All private clients are billed for hosting and coupons at the end of each month.

Public Portal:

Each freelance Vezu Academy Instructor is covered by our Service Terms and Conditions and no further contract is signed with them. All courses are reviewed by an administrator upon loading. All payments are managed via our Payment gateway and Instructors are paid upon request.


Q) Is there protection of the material that I upload?

Private Portal AND Freelance Instructor clients

Yes, your material is protected in two ways;

  1. You copyright all material that you upload to your private portal and it is not available to the public should you not choose the public option on each course that you upload. This means that only your clients will have access to your material.
  1. No student or organization can access your material unless they have Registered on Vezu Academy, and have Purchased your course.